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Library and Performance space, Western Victoria

This building is in Dunkeld, on the edge of Southern Grampians. It is also in the Western district’s grazing and cropping country. Local sandstone and timber was used to house a large private library. The building doubles as a performance space and a venue for literary functions and the like. It has been acoustically designed for musical performance and the space can cater for audiences of up to 220 people.
Part of the challenge was to create a space that can feel comfortable with just a few people and, as well, work well with performers and a full house.
Ancillary areas include a large kitchen area, secure storage areas, a workroom and a separate apartment – all as part of the same building.
The surrounding rural area has provided inspriration for aspects of this building, by way of incorprating elements from some of the nearby grand shearing sheds, homesteads and even the ribbed grain silos.
Internally, Mountain ash eucalyptus has been used throughout. An open, slatted walkway, a highly functional element of the original woolsheds, runs around the first floor interior. In the current context, it encourages airflow, allows shafts of light to penetrate to the sandstone floor below and aids in climate control.

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